September 2, 2018

You made a mistake
You've made lots of mistakes
Your life seems full of mistakes
Or feels like one big mistake

That is not your life

Mistakes are there
They are in your life
They are not your life

The weight of your mistakes may feel like a huge boulder
But that rock does not define you
That rock is raw, unrefined, impure, nothing to look at, nothing special
But that rock is not you



You are pure, unrefined, buried inside
You are gold
Pure gold

You can't see it
But He does
The refiner sees you
He holds that rough rock in his hands

He brushes off the dust, holds it close and smiles

He smiles at the pure gold that you are


Slowly, deliberately

He holds you over a flame
Not to hurt you
Not to scar you
Not to threaten you
You are not the rock
You are the gold inside

He holds you steadily

And you feel yourself melting

Wondering if you'll survive

And why must you suffer


But you are not the rock

You are the gold

He burns away the dross

And He smiles as He sees Himself in you


Pure gold

You are not your mistakes
You are not a mistake


You are gold
Pure Gold
His gold
His creation
His child
You are His 

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