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April 11, 2020

Everyone worries.

Everyone gets anxious.

Everyone has anxiety.

Everyone gets distracted.


Everyone is unique. 

Except when it comes to worry.

No one is immune.

There is no two-week incubation period.

No quarantine.
No cure.

Worry is a part of our human condition.


March 19, 2020

The One who calms the storm can calm the storm within.

March 9, 2020

"Compassion is the weapon of the Lord."

January 30, 2020

Life is a gift and so much more than we could ever make it ourselves.

January 2, 2020

New day. New year. New decade. But what's new?

I clicked on Biblegateway.com, and the verse for today was Psalm 90:12.

"Teach us to number each of our days so we may grow in wisdom."

Even if we don't number our days, the days seem to number themselves. When I was young, I...

December 5, 2019

It's good to observe Christmas day.

The special time when we agree to stop work to spread good cheer. 
It helps us feel a sense of community and shared purpose.
It reminds us to set our watches to the greater clock of humanity.

But there is a better thing than...

November 24, 2019

What if someone could see the real you? Would you avoid them? Or would you want to talk to them right away?

June 21, 2019

It's a big world—too big. Can't get my mind around it. I see the hurt in so many people in so many places and wish I could change the world, but it seems impossible.

How can one person change the world? 

One person can change the world for one person at a time.

Our effor...

March 10, 2019

I think most people want to be liked, respected, treated decently. And I think most people would like to treat others, at least some others, similarly. You scratch my back. I'll scratch yours.

But there are individuals who are difficult to like, maybe even impossible to...

March 3, 2019

Instead of taking a firm stand, what if we sit down with people, meet them where they are and listen? What if we choose to love the sinner and hate our own sin.

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