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Running Out of Wine

Two lives—two souls—lost without each other—drifting on a sea of doubts and longing—wondering. Wondering if they would ever find meaning—ever find each other.

Two hearts collided. They found love. They found each other.

Joy—overflowing, erupting, volcanic joy. Too much to celebrate alone. And no amount of celebration could match their joy.

Tell Everyone.

Invite everyone.

Let the whole world know.

All who loved them—all who wanted to share in their joy and celebration—came.

And the fun exploded, and the wine flowed.

Let the wine flow...

But as the celebration continued into the night, the groom noticed one of his friends holding an empty wine glass. His friend stared into the glass, eyeing the last drop clinging to the glass.

Joy bobbled for a moment...

...until the groom saw someone he barely knew, a friend of a friend, laughing and smiling with the servers. The man held a ridiculously full glass of wine and pointed to every guest who held an empty glass.

The groom read his lips. Fill every glass and keep them full.

Across the room, smiles widened as the servers entered with cart after cart full of wine. No more empty glasses—each one filled to the rim.

The groom had never seen so much wine. The faces of friends and family expressed everything he felt. It was far more wine than he had ordered—more than he could afford—more than he would ever be able to afford.

He stopped counting at six hundred bottles.

His eyes filled with tears at the joy surrounding him. Not the wine. Not the dancing. Not the music. His bride's smile awakened the wells of his soul. She looked at him, and he melted. She walked toward him, and as she walked through the crowd, wine glasses clinked faster and louder. He wrapped his arms around her, lifted and twirled her around. She hugged his neck, and they danced.

When the clinking of glasses overcame the music, they kissed—again and again.

He looked deep into her eyes—into their future. The joy of their friends, the flowing wine.

Fears erased.

Joy—full and overflowing.

The celebration was only beginning...

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