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The Little Princess

There Once Lived A Little Princess...

She had a lovely kingdom—all her own—her choosing—her making—hers alone. And she loved her kingdom. It was gorgeous, fun, and beautiful. She filled it with everything she loved—with people she loved. And it was wonderful, magical, and glorious. As she grew, her kingdom grew.

But Things Were Not as Lovely as She'd Hoped...

With Greatness came great Responsibility, great Demands, and great Heartache. Wonder waned. Magic fizzled. And Glory was no longer glorious.

She began to wonder if Magic was ever real—if there'd ever been anything truly glorious about her kingdom. As she wondered, she wandered and wondered while wandering if Wonder was every wondrous, if her Glory had ever been glorious, if her kingdom was truly a kingdom at all—ever.

Of Course it Was...

She wore a crown after all, and Life bowed to her Will, or so she'd thought. But Life was a fickle follower if a follower at all. Life was an unruly subject, not always yielding to her royal authority. Variables joined Life and brought along Distractions. Together, they defied her authority to the point that her Will began to bend. The strength of her Joy slipped as Distractions built their own tiny kingdoms within hers. Distractions grew, stealing Focus from her kingdom, all the while creating more little Distractions that hopped about in her mind like cute, little bunnies.

As Distractions grew. Her Mind and Thoughts began to wander. Soon, she felt as though she were losing Control. Wonder had been replaced with Worry, a most unwelcome guest in any kingdom but despised in hers. "I've no place for Worry. You must leave at once."

But Worry did not leave. Worry joined Distractions and Life and Variables. Before she realized it, she had given up her throne. She stood at the edge of her great hall searching for Focus, and there sat Worry upon her once-majestic throne. Distractions filled the hall. Soon, it was difficult to see her throne at all.

She No Longer Recognized Her Kingdom...

And her Heart began to ache. She missed Wonder and Magic. She wasn't sure her Heart and Mind could survive without Glory and Purpose and Joy. Distractions and Variables and Life had all gotten in the way. They'd seized her castle and stolen her kingdom.

And her Will was no longer hers but yielded to Distractions—chasing them but never catching them. Sadness crept into her once-beautiful picture of Life. Her image of Life dulled. Joy was gone from the picture.

Smile faded. Frown invaded, taking Smile's place. Even her crown tilted to one side. Her proud, happy face seemed distant—unreal—as though she'd become someone else. She'd even lost herself.

Life approached her—no bow—no eye contact. Surrounded by his new friends, Distractions, Variables, and Sadness, Life seemed to say, "I want out of this picture. It's time for me to leave."

Life had given up on her. So, she thought of giving up on Life. She shoved Distractions to the side as she walked to the great window in her great hall. The Light shone through—filling the hall—surrounding her throne. Distractions, Life, and Variables had not been able to quench Light.

She followed Light and left the great hall and walked onto her expansive balcony. As Light poured over her and surrounded her, Distractions faded. Variables didn't seem to matter. She could feel Life standing beside her, within her, all around. As Light covered her kingdom, she saw a somehow-familiar stranger walking with Light—within Light—surrounded by Light—Light emanating from Him. As He walked closer, Comfort stood beside her—wrapped His arms around her and held her close. She felt warm and secure. Peace surrounded her. Smile returned and warmed her face. Light and Smile seemed to get along so well. They belonged together.

As her sense of Peace grew, she remembered the stranger. He was no stranger at all. Peace was the giveaway. He was and is, and she knew He always would be the Prince of Peace. Not just the prince, He was and is and would forever be the king.

At Once, She Remembered His Name...

...The Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Smile grew wider than ever. Comfort surrounded her. Peace filled her.

Life, that had dangled on the edge of her balcony, having thought of leaving her, now dashed about tossing Distractions and Variables off the balcony, out of the great hall, out of the kingdom.

The Prince of Peace, Light, and Joy no longer drew near, for they were beside her, around her, and she felt there presence within her. When the last of Distractions were expelled from her presence, she found her Focus. He was indeed her Prince, her Lord, and the kingdom was still hers but also His.

He grasped her hand. Smile grew once again, joined by Joy and many other old and new and never-to-be-forgotten-again friends—Love, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Beside them, she saw Faith. She could feel Faith as close as her Heart. Beside Faith, stood Hope—inseparable from Smile.

Responsibility and Demands were nowhere to be seen until she saw them peeking from the other side of her Prince. He was holding their hands. She could tell He had no plans to let go, but His eyes warned her to let Him manage them. And she prayed she would, because great Heartache was no longer there but would gladly, easily rejoin his friends if she tried to take Control once more.

But she nodded to Control. He approached but did not bow. He understood the nod, and he lifted her crown as she willing tucked her head.

Then Control turned from her and placed the crown at the feet of her Prince. Control was no longer hers but His. In exchange, she had Peace and Calm.

Even as storms would blast the castle and rage against her kingdom, Calm and Peace would remain with her, because Responsibility was no longer her Worry. Worry was gone.

Once Again, She Had a Lovely Kingdom...

...It was all her own, but she was not alone. She shared the kingdom with many other loyal subjects of her Prince of Peace—her mighty savior who'd rescued her from the clutches of Death—that wicked, unseen friend of Worry.

And She Loved Her Kingdom...

It was gorgeous, fun, and beautiful—filled with everything she loved—with people she loved. And it was wonderful, magical, and glorious. As she grew, her kingdom grew.

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