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I Need Help

I need Thee

Oh I need Thee

Every hour I need Thee Oh bless me now my Savior I come to Thee

I sang those words last Sunday

Never have they felt more true than this week And everywhere I turn in the midst of heartache and angst Those words help me fight the hurt They help me loosen and release my grip Lift my hands Bow my head And collapse before the throne of grace The throne bought and paid for through deeper suffering than I could ever imagine or ever endure I tried to carry my own burdens and the pains inflicted by a few, but He carried them all and the sins of the whole world

And so I carry on

On my knees At His mercy His unfailing everlasting mercy that continually spills over me like anointing oil—like the finest fragrance—like an alabaster jar filled with the most expensive perfume then crushed and poured over me

I need Thee Oh how desperately I need Thee Every day Every hour Every second I need Thee

If these words touch your heart, please share them with someone else.

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