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Give Thanks Anyway

It’s not easy.

It’s unnatural.

When things—when life doesn’t fall into our plans—our dreams—our expectations, frustration and worry creep in—settle in and make their home in our thoughts.

Worry is natural. It’s easy. It doesn’t have to find its way into our minds. It is born there—lives there and refuses to die. Worry may come naturally, but worry is not welcome. And worry doesn’t want to leave.

We’re having a happy-thoughts party, and worry pops in uninvited and overstays his lack of welcome. So, how do we escape? Can we run from our thoughts? No! But we can shape our thoughts. We seem to be programmed to think of everything that can go wrong. And we chew on those anxious thoughts until they begin to devour us. What if we captured every negative, falling-down-the-rabbit-hole thought? What if we changed the question? Instead of bemoaning everything that can go wrong, what if we asked what things can go right? What if we consider the possibilities for everything we face but only focus on the things we can change? What if instead of worrying—what if we offered thanks to God and trusted Him with our worries? If it’s ever easy, maybe Thanksgiving is that one day out of the year when we offer thanks anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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