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Pause and Reflect

Is the world spinning faster? Or is it just me? The clock is ticking—faster and faster. Or at least there are fewer ticks left. Where did the past year go? Where did yesterday go? And tomorrow seems to be coming up way too fast. Time to slow down Pause Reflect Re-evaluate Breathe Sometimes I feel like that person who rolls out of bed, stumbles to the bathroom, glances in the mirror and moves on unfazed. It‘s rare, but I remember a couple of mornings over the years when I was rushing to get ready and get to work. Showered. Brushed my teeth. Got dressed then flew out the door. A few hours later and a quick trip to the restroom and boom. There he is—the man in the mirror who had washed his hair but forgot to brush it, comb it, do anything with it. At least it was more of a rugged look than bed head, but I was embarrassed and wondered how many people had noticed and how many people noticed but didn’t dare or care to clue me in. Anyone who hears the Word of God and isn’t changed by what they’ve heard is like someone who gets out of bed, looks in the mirror, and goes about their business with bed head or worse. It’s too easy—even natural to get caught in the flow of life. The routine and the rush to get to it and through it seem to grab us and pull us under. And we drown ourselves in the busyness of life unaware of the mess that is us. This new year doesn’t have push us along like a raging river of time. We need to take time to pause and reflect—see the reflection of who we are and who we would like to be.

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