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Who Are You?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

It’s strange, but the fact is you’ve never seen yourself.

Your mirror gives you a reflection—a mirror image.

You can look at a selfie or a portrait, but you can never truly see yourself.

It’s terribly easy to see our flaws. Bad hair. Something stuck between your teeth. Maybe you missed a button. Shirt’s on inside-out. Terribly easy. And that's what you can see on the outside.

It’s even more difficult to see the real you—the inner you—the one you might even be afraid to see.

The one you hope no one sees.

Imagine if someone you loved and respected could see the real you. Imagine they have a superpower that let's them see into your soul, your thoughts, you motives, your fears. Would it change your behavior? Would you be afraid? Would you avoid them?

But there is one who sees you perfectly. He knows you.

And He sees the real you—not the messed up, worried, uncertain you. Not at all. That's not the real you. He sees deeper. He sees the flawless, perfect, just-as-He-always-intended you.

He doesn’t just overlook our flaws. He doesn’t see them—at all. He took them upon Himself, buried them, and left them in the grave.

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror know that the One who gave His life to save you, the One who created you, knows and sees you as his perfect child. No flaws. No failures. No regrets. You are like His mirror. He holds you up and sees Himself.

Photo by StockSnap

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