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Beyond the Fog

It's coming

That cool mist rising from the earth

Swallowing the air

Engulfing everything

We see it and we see nothing else

The vapors that once fell as rain or ran as rivers or dripped as dew

They rise and cloud our vision

But the sun also rises

Rays of light and heat scorch across the millions of miles and erase the fog

Our vision clears

We see what was hidden

We see ourselves

Life is that rising vapor

The cloud from the ground that surrounds and swallows every moment

Then disappears

But what is life

Is it merely that moment—that fleeting vapor—that disappearing mist

Or is life more

So much more

As the morning mist rises from the ground

Life rises not from ourselves—not of our own creation

Life comes from Life—the Giver of Life

The One who lives forever

The King above all kings and presidents and celebrities and legends

He is the One who made us—the One who sustains us

He is the One who sees beyond the fog

And He is the One waiting there for us

Life is more

Life is a gift—His gift to us for a moment

For a rising mist

For a fog that lifts with morning light

Light that reveals the eternity beyond the fog

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