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It's Happening

The signs are everywhere.

Clouds spread gloom and shadows.

Rain dampens the best of intentions.

Darkness grows as light fades.

Night falls and will fall again.

But morning comes and the sun rises.

Light pierces the shadows.

Morning mists evaporate.

Dew retreats into the ground.

Warmth embraces the Earth.

We knew another sunrise was coming.

We never doubted it.

Another day.

Another sunrise.

Another miracle.

But a new darkness threatens.

Unlike an ordinary night, this darkness envelopes all the world.

But it will not endure forever.

And the light is still with us but shrouded beyond the all-encompassing cloud.

We do not panic.

We do not fear.

Hope is not lost in the darkness.

Hope is alive in the light.

And the light is inside us.

He is not trapped.

He does not sleep.

The Calmer of Storms calms the storm within.

My prayer for you—for all of us is that we fix our eyes on Him.

The author of life is in this storm and in all our storms.

Feel His arms around your soul.

Feel His whisper to the storm whirring and whirling in your mind.

"Peace. Be still."

The waves of emotion, fear, and panic settle.

The sea becomes still like glass.

Then He whispers again.

"See the waves, how they've stilled?

Be still and know I am the God who loves you, and I hold you in my arms."

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