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Oh Night Divine

Long lay the world

entrenched in missteps

shackled by bad choices

filled with shame

or shameless

full of guilt

or void of feeling

But He appeared

and the unworthy felt worthy

the unwanted, wanted

the empty, filled

the shamed, restored, loved

A thrill of hope

and the weary felt strength

the joyless felt joy

the hopeless felt hope

For yonder breaks

a new and glorious morn

The unsuspecting met the unexpected

yet long-awaited answer

the answer to centuries of grief and exile

came to earth as a newborn son

a savior who is both God and human

Fall on your knees

in disbelief

in wonder

in awe

in adoration

Oh hear the angel voices




unable to speak

Oh night otherworldly, inexplicable, divine

Oh holy night

the night the savior of the world was born


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